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Administering the Placement test

The questions in the Academy Stars Placement test are all multiple choice and become progressively more difficult. Each question is worth one mark so the whole test of 60 questions carries a total of 60 marks. The Placement test is designed to be answered relatively quickly by the participant. It is expected that more able children will be able to answer all 60 questions in approximately 30 minutes. For less able children, allow a maximum of 45 minutes.

Children should only attempt as many questions as they feel they are able to answer within the time allowed. They should then be placed according to the scores on the Placement test and based on the assumption that they have attempted to answer as many of the 60 questions as they can. Below is a guide to suitable starting marks in Academy Stars, according to scores achieved.

The Placement test should be taken in a quiet room without any distractions. Children should be given a pencil and rubber and should answer the questions on their own without the use of a dictionary, the internet or any other assistance.

Score ranges

The following list of scores and levels is a guide only, so please use your own judgement when placing children. For example, if a child scores 19, it would make sense to put them in Level 3 rather than Level 2. If a child is only able to answer a few questions or no questions at all, it is best for them to begin their studies at Starter level..